Work with Petra

Of course there is a lot more to learn about bringing a balance between Business and Buddha.

Petra provides business and spiritual advice, breakthrough techniques and other resources to her tribe from around the world via her Business Buddha Blog and eZine.

If you are looking to create a life and business that inspires YOU, you’ll love the transformations you’ll experience in the Business Buddha Coaching Programs to help you quickly break through into higher levels of happiness and success!

In the Business Buddha Programs and Retreats you’ll discover how you can tap into your well of energy and creativity so you will never run out of passion and purpose again.

Business to Buddha

Business to Buddha is an online training program that will help you transform your live through personal development and entrepreneurship. The program is designed to help you get clarity on your purpose in life and to take consistent action on achieving your goals. If you're new to the Business Buddha community, this is a great place to start.

Urban Retreat

Take out one day for yourself with exclusive one-on-one coaching on what it is you need most. Are you too involved in your business and need a time out to get clear on Why you're doing what you're doing? Or are you coming out of a period of rest & recuperation and need to get back in the saddle again? Petra will spend a full day one-on-one with you, online or in an inspiring location in Utrecht, The Netherlands to get you where you want to be. The Urban Retreat is available in Dutch or English. 

Buddha to Business

Buddha to Business is an exclusive 6 month training and mentorship program for starting entrepreneurs who want to build a business helping others. The program is designed to help you get clarity on your business plan and to take consistent action on achieving your goals. Enrollment is by application only.

Online Coaching Sessions

Intensive Online Coaching Sessions are ideal if you have limited time for travel in your schedule and want to get regular support and accountability to keep going in the direction of your dreams. 

An Online Coaching package consists of 6 sessions in 3 months. The calls are scheduled biweekly by Skype or Phone. Every call we cover your purpose, your actions, the progress you make, successes you achieve and the struggles your encounter. The Coaching sessions are booked in advance, which provides great accountability for actions and brings the desired changes faster than with ad-hoc sessions.The Coaching Sessions are available in Dutch or English.

FREE 30 minute Coaching Strategy Session

Don't know where to begin? Take a small step and book a free 30 minute Coaching Strategy Session by Skype or Phone. In this powerful coaching session I will help you to:

  • Define your vision for your future
  • Discover what's holding you back
  • Create a plan of action

....and you will soon be on your way to the life and business you LOVE!

Book your free session here!