How to create your Spiritual Vision for 2016

How to create your Spiritual Vision for 2016 By Petra on 25/12/2015 4351 consciousness, vision board, visualisation

The year 2015 is almost finished. 

People are talking about their New Year’s resolutions. Or their Bucket List. Or their F*ck-it list. 

Personal goals like losing weight, spending more time with family and quitting smoking are all time favorites. 

Why is it that the same goals or wishes come up every year? 

Why do most people lose track of their good intentions along the way? It may come as a surprise, but it all has to do with vibrations!

Why vibrations are important

Any time you set a goal or a New Year resolution that is based on the current situation you are formulating from a negative position. You are in a place you don’t like and you want to get out. So you talk about losing 10 pounds (compared to where you are now), quitting smoking or eating sugar (which you do now) and spending more time with family or with yourself (which you don’t do now).

This may seem like the most rational thing to do, but it actually keeps you in the same place as where you are now!

Any goal, wish or New Year resolution that has an element in it that is relative to where you are now will never fly. Why? Because you are perpetuating the vibration of the old situation. 

You've heard the expression "Energy flows where attention goes" (if you haven't, be sure to read up on The Secret or even better, study the works of Abraham-Hicks) and that's exactly why you are setting yourself up for failure. Whenever you phrase something new relative to something old, your attention is on the old, so that is what you'll get!

Good, good, good, good vibrations!

Take a cue form the song "Good Vibrations". Put yourself in a place where you feel good before you start setting new goals or resolutions for 2016. Then, follow these steps to make sure 2016 is going to give you all you want:

1. Envision your ideal future 

To create your ideal future, the first step is to visualize it. Make a serious business out of daydreaming. Use all your senses if you can. Make it fun. Draw a mind-map of things important to you. Cut out pictures of people, places, things and events that appeal to you and create a vision board. What does your ideal future look like? 

Do you want to run a successful business with people that inspire you? Do you want to spend more time with your family? Do you want a luxurious and relaxed lifestyle? Go back to school and learn new things? Don't hold back!

What is your vision for your spiritual growth? How would you like your consciousness to grow in 2016? What does your life look like if you are one step closer to enlightenment? What would need to happen for that to occur?

2. Formulate your goals

Look at your vision board, mind map or whatever you created. What area's can you start on right away? For which aspects can you set goals so your vision already becomes a reality in 2016? 

For instance, if you want to spend more time with family or you want to have more time for yourself to pursue creative activities, you might set the following goals:

  • Raise your prices so you can work less for the same income (a 20% raise gives you one day extra)
  • Stop working in the evenings/weekends (actual downtime makes you more efficient)
  • Schedule your creative or family appointments as you would with any other item (and treat them as equally important)

To further your spiritual growth, ask yourself, what qualities would I like to develop this year? Is it Patience? Presence? Compassion? What concrete goals can you formulate to raise your energy? What steps can you take to become a happier person?

3. Set your tasks

Rome wasn’t build in a day and neither will your ideal future. To be able to achieve your goals you may need to set up a plan of action. 

If you want to stop working in the weekend, you may need to ask for help of a colleague or hire an extra employee to reduce your workload. If you want to feel more relaxed at work, then please, enroll in the nearest mindfulness class. Setting concrete tasks and getting into action is key to seeing your vision fulfilled.

For personal and spiritual growth dedicate a place to sit and build up your alone time, starting with 5 minutes a day and build it up to whatever feels comfortable. Use that time to meditate, write in a journal, cut out beautiful pictures from magazines or whatever other activity makes you happy.

4. Go for it! 

Put your vision board where you can see it every day. Take a brief moment to look at it, bring yourself in a mood of good vibrations and then start your workday. 

You'll see that things will change rapidly to realize your vision. One step at a time. New people will come into your life. You'll feel more confident when you see that you start accomplishing your tasks and reaching your goals. Living according to your vision means living a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

Do you want to work on your vision but don’t know where to start? Or you aren’t sure what you want to accomplish in 2016? Feel free to download the workbook "Awaken to your Life Purpose" for more inspiration.

Do you have a vision but do not see a clear path to get there? Email me to set up a free 30 minute Coaching Session. I will help you set your vision into action.

Which qualities are you going to develop in 2016?

I'd love to hear them in the comments below!

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