How to make the right decision for you? 5 Golden tips that work in every situation.

How to make the right decision for you? 5 Golden tips that work in every situation. By Petra on 18/02/2016 4877 decision making, hiring a coach, intuition

As a coach I often talk with people who are going through a difficult period in their lives. They are reaching out to me because they need help sorting out their thoughts and feelings, reducing their stress levels or getting back on track in their career or business.

One of the difficulties they face is making decisions for themselves. Decision-making is very difficult when you are feeling fragile or vulnerable.

I give them these 5 Golden Tips to ensure they make a decision that is right for them when they consider hiring me as their coach. I believe they translate also to a number of other situations where decision-making is complex:

Golden tip # 1: Create clarity on what you want to achieve.

To create immediate clarity, ask yourself the following question: “If we would meet in exactly one year from now and we would look back together on what has happened, what should be different (both personally and professionally) for you to be satisfied with your progress? “

The answers to this question give you a clear insight in what it is you want to see changed and what kind of help you will need to get there.

Golden tip # 2: Determine the returns on your investment

Taking action to make changes in your life, such as hiring a coach or enrolling in any kind of training, often asks for an investment in money. Returns are traditionally calculated as a monetary value. However, with an investment in your personal and spiritual growth it is not so easy to translate the results back to concrete figures.

Instead, consider all the intangible results you will get when you decide to take action: e.g. an increase in your level of happiness or energy (give yourself a grade on a scale from one to ten), becoming more efficient, opening up to new experiences or meeting new, like-minded people.

When you invest in yourself (through training, coaching, changing jobs or starting as an entrepreneur, etc., etc.), the results you get, the knowledge, wisdom, experience, will be available for you for the rest of your life.

Look at all the possible benefits you get when you invest in your self and then ask yourself: “Would you consider that a good investment?” Determine what investment you are willing to make and what kind of return you want before making your decision.

Golden tip # 3: Consider the alternatives

What is going to happen if you decide to do nothing? Where will you be 12 months from now? Is everything still the same? Are you doing everything alone? Have you made any improvements in your situation? Or will you take a spin towards something far worse?

Look at all the possible outcomes of this choice. How do they make you feel? Does staying on the same road weigh favorably against taking action and seeking help and support for you?

Golden tip # 4: Listen to your intuition

Thinking about major decisions is very important. However, sometime the pros and cons outweigh each other. Trying to find a solution in a complex situation creates a lot of stress and that does not help in the process of making decisions.

If logic cannot help you, turn to the other faculty for making decisions: your intuition.

Find a quiet spot, close your eyes and breathe easily until you feel that you relax. Contact you deeper knowing, your intuition, your inner longing (for me it helps when I place my right hand on my heart). Ask yourself what the right choice is in this moment.

The answer does not come in words but in feelings. Look for the feeling of joy. The answer that gives the most joy without a rationale is the right one for you.

Golden tip # 5: Trust yourself

Inevitably fear and doubt come up when you make a decision about anything complex, such as an investment in yourself. This is the time to have faith that you considered everything and reached the decision that is right for you. Even if your decision does not make sense to others, you are the only one that you need to trust.

I use these tips myself and I’ve noticed is that once you take a decision to move forward and really commit to it, all kinds of things start happening. Not all of them seem good right from the start. Sometimes old habits and attitudes have to fall apart first and that also has an effect on your health and your relationships with people, money and work.

If your decision was about hiring a coach, at least you will not have to go through the changes alone. If it was about any other aspect involving your life or business, just make sure you have the support you need. 

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