7 Signs that you are a Business Buddha

7 Signs that you are a Business Buddha By Petra on 02/04/2015 4655 Conscious creation, mindfulness

Business Buddha is the name I use for a business professional, manager or entrepreneur who fuels their ambition with training and challenges and also invests in personal and spiritual development. Business Buddhas know that the search for balance between business and spirit creates an upward spiral to more happiness, better health, more business success and greater wealth.

Business Buddhas combine elements from spiritual traditions and positive psychology with common sense business practicalities.

Curious to know if you are on your way to becoming a Business Buddha? Or maybe are one already?

Check out these seven signs:

1. Business is your chosen field to fully express yourself.

You work and live from your heart and your passion. You recognize that business is a great force in the modern world and that working in business gives you a good playing field to change the world. You believe that the best way to serve is when you can be your authentic self and fully express yourself. You don’t believe in political games.

2. You have a passion for personal and spiritual development.

You want to learn more about yourself and bring out more of yourself to serve others. You understand the value of Being. You have some form of spiritual practice, be it yoga, meditation or some other form to get reconnected to you self. You regularly take time out to relax and recharge yourself. You like to go on retreats for deeper learning.

3. Purpose is important.

You are on an eternal search for truth, evolving your consciousness and the meaning of your life. Sometimes you get lost in the search and feel that you’ll never ‘get’ there, but your creative side always reinvents itself and propels you in a new direction. From being, inspired action comes forth and new results and growth happen.

4. You are a conscious creator.

You are aware of the law of attraction and know that in order to have something or get somewhere, you first have to be it. In business you often call it: “Fake it until you make it”. You have unlimited freedom to choose your path and know that you have to feel your way into allowing the manifestation to happen.

5. Money matters.

Money is energy and is key in a prosperous business. You believe in abundance and that more money will flow to you as a result of doing business authentically. Asking a good amount of money for your services is easy because you are aware of the value you bring. You realize that more money means you can serve the world on a grander scale.

6. You trust your intuition.

Your intuition is the small voice that is telling you which way to go to be happy, healthy and wealthy. It is the voice of your Inner Being, Soul, Spirit or Source. Some call it guidance. It is often only heard in moments of silence when you tap into Being. Fostering and trusting your intuition is natural to you, even though there may be times when you lose your connection in too much Doing.

7. You embrace change

You understand that change is an inevitable part of being alive. You did not come into this world to stay as you are. You came to learn and evolve and to release thoughts, things and people that you are attached to but that do not serve your well-being.

So, right now, take a second to reflect on yourself. Which part of you could use some more attention? The Business side? Or the Buddha side? And what action step are you going to take THIS week to right the scales? Let me know in the comments below.

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