5 Simple Ways to instantly de-stress your mind

5 Simple Ways to instantly de-stress your mind By Petra on 16/11/2015 4171 mindfulness, Relax your mind

Stress is one of the mayor reasons behind illness in the workplace. Burnouts and headaches are all too common effects. It is quite easy to feel pressured. You might wonder if your work is good enough, if you work hard enough, if goals are set too high or maybe if you need to learn to say no more often. Let’s face it, everyone gets stressed now and then. And often it’s out of our control. 

How do you cope? 

Dealing with stress is not something you can do overnight. It needs continuous attention to make a change. In your mind, your daily activities or even a change of employment. Still, there are some things you can do at the moment you’re stressed. To take the edge off and help you forward. 

Here are five simple ways to relax your mind in less than a minute.

1. Breathe

Close your eyes for a moment. Take a deep breath in through your nose. Hold it for two seconds. And actively breathe out through your nose, while making a short ‘hmn’ sound. Like a deep sigh. When you do it a couple of times, you will feel some of the stress and negative thoughts in your mind leave your body through your nose.

2. Exercise 

One of the feelings you often get when stressed is the feeling your mind is overflowing with energy. So much energy it feels like a short circuit. When you exercise, your body takes the excess of energy in your brain and uses it to fuel the rest of your body. You restore the inner balance.

So when you are under a lot of stress, take five minutes for a power walk. If you work behind your desk, stand up every hour and stretch your arms and legs to wake up your muscles. Make sure your brain is not the only part of your body that’s at work all day.

3. Try not to think

Trying not to think is like trying to jump 6 feet high. It seems impossible. The main reason you get so stressed is because you believe you can’t stop thinking. But that’s not entirely true. Our body experiences more than thought alone. We hear, see, taste, smell and feel.

In a moment of stress, try to focus on something else than your thoughts. At lunch, really focus on your meal. Take in the smells, the taste. Make it a moment of mindful eating. Or take a moment to focus on the art poster on the wall. What is it that draws you? How does it make you feel?

4. Think about something positive

When you feel overwhelmed it is hard to think about the positive elements in your life. When pulled into crisis situations, you go into fight or flight mode. When you feel like you can’t do either, you enter the danger zone for a burnout. So pull yourself out of that zone of negativity.

Take a minute to concentrate on happy thoughts. Watch a YouTube video of playing cats, look at a photo of your kids, text a special person and confirm your love to him/her. And remember in all your wisdom, you are not the only one with this problem. Put everything into perspective.

5. Find your stress factor

What is it that is making you feel stressed? Is it something you can control? If the answer is no, make sure you tell yourself that. Tell yourself you have no logical reason to spend so much energy on a situation you can’t influence. Let it go and focus on something you can actually change.

Of course, when you feel overwhelmed on a regular basis, you should really take more active steps to restore your peaceful mind. Meditation, exercise, spirituality, yoga and coaching are some of the healthy ways to find balance.

Let me know in the comments below how you deal with everyday pressure. What is your favorite way to de-stress?

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