What is my life about?

I must have asked myself this question a thousand times. In my teenage years I had to decide what to study in university. Then I had to figure out what kind of job I wanted. What kind of career suited me? Where and when would I find my life partner? Where would I live? All these life questions felt really important, as if making a wrong choice would mean that I screwed up my life.

Throughout this process I had the feeling that there was supposed to be "one thing that I was meant to do".

This thing would be my special gift to the world. I just needed to figure out what it was.

I had no clue where to begin

I told myself that I wanted to have a successful career in management. I was after all a smart, creative and ambitious woman. For a number of years I had a great time working in different countries, traveling a lot and meeting new people and cultures along the way. But I was also never satisfied, always looking for the next step, the next opportunity. 

Somewhere along the way I lost sight of why I was doing what I was doing. I had two master degrees, spoke four languages and was considered a high-potential in the international companies I worked for. From the outside it looked as if I had everything going for me. But...

I was very unhappy.

I felt trapped, caught in a gilded cage. I did all the things that I thought were expected of me. I had denied my true self for such a long time that I was merely a shell of my whole self. Like a listless circus animal I was performing my tricks. I went through my routine. But I felt dead inside.

Hoping to recharge myself I went on a month long backpack vacation, but after one week I collapsed on the white sands of a tropical island. I couldn’t go on. I was so tired.

I experienced a burn-out.

It was in that situation that something happened inside me. You couldn't see it on the outside, but inside something enormous happened:

I decided to be happy.

I decided that I would no longer work for an organization that was impersonal and where everyone was working for more power or status. I was worth a lot more than that. I wanted to create my life in a different way. I wanted to define success in my own way. This intention gave me new energy and tapped into an inner strength I had thought lost.

I started to take conscious action.

I learned how to dive (my PADI instructor was my first coach). When I got home I quit my job. I signed up for healing school. I went into therapy. I got married. I found a new job. I got a beautiful daughter. And after two years I started as an entrepreneur.

In the years that followed I invested a lot in getting to know myself. I studied every philosophy and spiritual practice I could find. I studied Hands-on Healing, Vipassana meditation, Zen buddhism, Yoga, Patanjali's sutra's, Yogananda's Self Realization courses and Mindfulness.
I also learned a lot from channeled material such as A course in Miracles, Ramtha's School of Enlightenment and the work of Abraham-Hicks.

I realized that life is unfolding as a creative process and that by exploring new territories I uncovered truths about my self. In becoming a conscious participant, I woke up to my wholeness. 

In the process of awakening I found my purpose.

I redefined myself as a creative being, devoted my life to developing consciousness and started to serve others with my knowledge and wisdom. 

For more than 15 years now, I’ve been working as an executive and transformational coach helping smart, creative and enthusiastic leaders in business. They came to me to re-evaluate their life and businesses (e.g. to align teams and organizations) and to reconnect to their passion and purpose for life.

For some this meant an assessment of their current situation and creating new habits and mindsets to deal with the challenges of leadership. For others it meant starting their own business to fulfill a long cherished idea or creating a better work-life balance.

Each story was unique and yet, they all had the same goal - to create a more authentic life, career or business, to experience more freedom and to have clarity in life.

Is this something that you long for?

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