5 Simple Ways to instantly de-stress your mind

By Petra on 16/11/2015 4170 mindfulness, Relax your mind

Stress is one of the mayor reasons behind illness in the workplace. Burnouts and headaches are all too common effects. It is quite easy to feel pressured. You might wonder if your work is good enough, if you work hard enough, if goals are set too high or maybe if you need to learn to say no more often. Let’s face it, everyone gets stressed now and then. And often it’s out of our control. But are you able to cope?

Work life balance: have you lost focus?

By Petra on 26/10/2015 2946 Work-life balance

Do you feel satisfied with your life?In today’s day and age we feel like we need to ‘have it all’. Be able to balance a 40+ hour workweek, family life and exercise, and still keep a sound mental health. We are overachievers and society applauds us for it. Recent studies of the UK’s mental health foundation show that the more time you spend at work (30+ hours), the less happy you are. The pressure we put on ourselves is just unhealthy. We’re out of balance. Work is often the component that tips the scale. 

7 Signs that you are a Business Buddha

By Petra on 02/04/2015 4654 Conscious creation, mindfulness

Business Buddha is the name I use for a business professional, manager or entrepreneur who fuels their ambition with training and challenges and also invests in personal and spiritual development. Business Buddhas know that the search for balance between business and spirit creates an upward spiral to more happiness, better health, more business success and greater wealth.