How to make the right decision for you? 5 Golden tips that work in every situation.

By Petra on 18/02/2016 4879 decision making, hiring a coach, intuition

As a coach I often talk with people who are going through a difficult period in their lives. One of the difficulties they face is making decisions for themselves. These 5 golden tips ensure that they make a decision that is right for them, e.g. when they consider hiring me as their coach. I believe they translate also to a number of other situations where decision-making is complex. 

Why Watching your Words is key for Enlightened Business

By Petra on 04/02/2016 4425 buddha's path, everyday enlightenment, mindfulness

One of the elements on Buddha's path for ending suffering and awakening to enlightenment is 'Right Speech'.Words have great power, they help you get your message across and build a great business or they can completely erode the trust clients and co-workers have in you and your services.Find out which habits to avoid and how you can lift up your business to a more enlightened level.